Monday, September 26, 2011

Fungus Among Us Update!

(Update to the Update:  After I posted this entry, I had the good fortune to meet an amazing mycologist, Dr. Tom Volk, professor of biology at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.  Check out website is well worth exploring!  He has a great FYI page as well as a "Fungus of the Month" page and my favorite, the "Holiday Fungi" page.  Many thanks Dr. Volk!)

Today it looked like mushrooms had erupted just about everywhere on the Museum grounds--it seemed like a veritable "myconian invasion!"  So, I couldn't resist posting this as an update to my September 7th "fungus" entry.  For those of you not living in this area--the weather here has been rainy, relatively warm and very humid--perfect for fungal growth (and hordes of mosquitoes!)  I found beautiful clusters of mushrooms, especially at the base of trees:

My colleague, Rock Moeslein, spotted these stinkhorn mushrooms.  When I photographed them, there were flies attracted to the slimy tips of the fungus:

I was amazed by the bright colors of some of the mushroom caps:

As well as this ethereally translucent mushroom:

I found these "turkey tail" fungi along the path near the Museum's entrance:

These small mushrooms look velvety on top with a delicate "fringe" around their edges:

But the most impressive mushroom display was this 20-foot "fairy circle" of mushrooms--my friend Julia Horton is standing in the center to show scale.  She is 6-foot tall--and this is not a "trick" photo!

Hope you enjoyed the photos.  By the way, I'll still post the answers to my previous "Guess Who?" (Sep. 21st) blog on my normal schedule--look for it on October 5th.


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