Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birds of a Feather Part 2

Hope you had fun guessing what birds the feathers belong to!  Let's see if you were right....The first photo was of a turkey's tail.  Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make this critter our national bird?

Speaking of our national bird, it is of course the bald eagle, which was the second mystery photo--the big clue was the white tail feathers:

However, bald eagles generally don't get their white head and tail feathers until they are about 4 or 5 years old.  Here's what our eagle looked like when he was younger:

The third mystery photo showed off the brilliant plumage of a male wood duck.  These kinds of ducks will nest in tree cavities in swamps and along wooded ponds:

The fourth photo is of a regal looking great blue heron.  This photo shows a wild heron flying off the roof of our Outdoor Aviary.  Hmmm...perhaps it's attracted to our own great blue heron that we have on exhibit?  In any case, this wild heron can frequently be seen wading along the shallow banks of the pond on our Museum grounds.:

The last one was a bit difficult to figure out, so I'll give you another has large eyes to help it hunt at night:

Yes, it's a barred owl!  This barred owl is one of our educational program animals, and in this photo, the owl is held by educator Claire McLeod.:

Hope you enjoyed the guessing game!  I'll post my next blog in two weeks....

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