Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eye See You

You may have figured out by now that I really like guessing games!  And, from comments I get from readers and also from blog stats, it seems the "guess who" entries are the most popular.  I won't disappoint you today--my theme is "animal eyes".  The answers are posted at the bottom of this blog (no peeking!)....

Let's start off with an easy one....can you guess what animal has this eye?:
What animal has this eye?  Clue, the "circle" to the left is actually its ear:
Okay, this is a tough one:
This eye belongs to an animal that is a favorite among Museum guests:
This eye is easy to guess if you look at a small clue to the left of the eyeball at the edge of this photo:
Last one...from something soft and furry:

So....think you have them all figured out?  The first eye belongs to an alligator.  Many thanks to my friend Karl Rebenstorf for letting me use the following photo.  Karl is a fantastic nature photographer as well as a dedicated Museum volunteer, and a generous mentor--he inspires me and has always graciously answered all my photography questions.  Thanks Karl!
Many thanks to my friend and colleague, Travis Land, Herpetology Curator here at the Museum for his assistance getting the close-up of the bullfrog eye.  A bullfrog can be found in the display at the entrance of the Piedmont Mountain exhibit but it's really hard to see.  So, Travis helped me get a close-up shot of one of our program animals as a "stand in"-I'll keep working on the exhibit bullfrog photo and will post it when I can get a good shot:

The next eyeball belongs to a gag grouper, a large fish (about 2 feet long) found in our Chesapeake Bay Aquarium.  Younger groupers have more pronounced silvery gray ring-shaped spots--as fish age, their coloration tends to look faded or lighter:
Also in our Chesapeake Bay tank, is the loggerhead sea turtle--a favorite of many guests, and, I must admit, one of my favorites, too!:
Did you find the clue?  It was a heat-sensing pit near the eye that belongs to a rattlesnake on display on the lower level of our two-story Mountain Cove Habitarium.
The last eye is from a rabbit--it's one of the animals we use in our educational programs.  On the day I photographed him, he was in our Animal Exercise Area located on the Outdoor Trail.  He was being tended by long-time curatorial volunteer Vicky Lippolis--thanks Vicky!
Hope you enjoyed this entry.  "Eye" will post again in two weeks!

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