Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eye See You Again

Here's another close-up look at animal eyes.  Can you guess whose eyes these are?:
This eye belongs to something with strong claws, or pincers:
And this eye also belongs to a crustacean--sort of a cousin to the animal in the picture above:
This next one is one of my favorites--I love the deep red color:
This next eye belongs to a very large bird in our Outdoor Aviary:
Oh my, what big eyes you have!...
Have them all figured out?  The first one belongs to a lovely windowpane flounder we have in our holding tanks "behind the scenes" so it's not on display--but I thought you'd enjoy its odd-looking eyes.  Many thanks to aquarist Jenny Curtis for helping me identify this beautiful little fish!
The second photo belongs to a blue crab:
And it's crustacean cousin is a crayfish or "crawfish" if you prefer.  We had these on exhibit in our Virginia's Underground Discovery Center only for a short time--we change some smaller exhibits regularly.  (This photo was taken earlier this summer--the new exhibit features something totally different--I'll put it in a future blog!)
Did you guess the red eyes belong to a black-crowned night heron?
It lives in our Outdoor Aviary along with the great blue heron--with its bright yellow eyes:
Last, the brilliant jewel-like eyes belong to a dragonfly.  With its "wrap-around" eyes, it can see pretty much all around itself:
Hope you enjoyed "off the beaten path"....more in two weeks.

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