Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Leaves of Autumn 2012

If there ever was a magical day for autumn leaves it was here at the Museum on November 12, 2012.  As I walked along our Outdoor Trail under a colorful canopy of leaves, I could not help but think this was a truly awesome experience:
I found interpreter Larry Lewis also on the Trail that day--he had collected a huge sycamore leaf off the boardwalk and it became an "interpretive magnet," attracting children and adults alike who were so curious as to what kind of leaf it was.  Many thanks for sharing your enchanting leaf, Larry!:
Here's a shot of a smaller sycamore leaf backlit by the morning sun:
Throughout the week of November 12th I captured a range of brilliant colors like the bright yellows of this buckeye plant:
And these "golden" silver maple leaves:
The reds were glorious, too, but none so deep as this leaf from a red twig dogwood:
My favorite orange color is represented by this witch hazel leaf--it's almost "pumpkin" colored!
Even the brown colors were vibrant, like these white oak leaves backlit in the late afternoon sunlight:
Beech tree leaves will run the gamut from yellow, to soft orange, a pale brown, and finally a wispy tan.  The leaves will mostly stay on the tree branches and only fall off in the early spring right before the new verdant green leaves are about ready to emerge:
A few of my favorite animals were padding through a carpet of multicolored leaves--the bobcat, and a red wolf:
This yellow-crowned night heron in our Outdoor Aviary looks out into the soft sunlight of mid-afternoon, with a kaleidescope of autumn colors in the background:
And last but not least, a wild cormorant suns itself on the pond, with the colorful leaves reflected in the water:
I hope you enjoyed these lovely colors of autumn....I can only hope that next year I'll have another magical day to share more leaves with you!  More off the beaten path in two weeks....

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  1. Beautiful photos as always, Lisa :)