Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You Otter Be in Pictures 2

Hey!  Am I too cute or what?! 
Guests at the VLM are always enchanted with our male river otter:
Here he takes a plunge in his pool and swims towards the large plexiglass window at the bottom of the pool:
Looks like a torpedo with legs, right?
He's a very acrobatic swimmer and commonly swims in a corkscrew pattern in the water, turning around and around:
His powerful legs, with webbed feet propel him steadily through the water--when he swims at the surface, you can see a bow wave out in front:
When he gets out of his pool, he shakes off the water:
...then leaps across his stream:
He takes time to groom his plush fur:
 Wait, is there still some dirt on my nose?
Don't worry--I'll clean it!
Sometimes the river otter gets a treat from our animal keepers.  Yum!...crunchy fish!
What?  No more fish until dinner time?  Well, OK, back into the water then!  Hmmm, I wonder what all these people are looking at?
It's been a busy morning...I think I'll take a nap:
More off the beaten path in two weeks...

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