Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Say Ahhh! 1

Every once in a while I'm at the right place at the right time to photograph an animal with its mouth open.  No, really!  It's actually very hard to do!  But I do get lucky sometimes, like earlier this year, I caught this chicken turtle with its mouth open.  Did you know that turtles do not have any teeth?--just a sharp beak:
A hellbender is a type of aquatic salamander, and for the most part looks pretty unassuming and sort of blends in to its surroundings:
Until, it opens its mouth--then it's pretty impressive, wouldn't you say?
This next critter is always amusing us and showing off its swimming skills.  I caught it with its mouth open as it was twirling around in the water.  I don't know if sticking out its tongue makes it swim any faster, but he certainly looked like he was having a good time....but otters always seem to be having a good time no matter what!
Our coyote has an expressive face, but more so when she's howling....
....or yawning!  My, what big teeth you have, right?
More in two weeks!

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