Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Fine Fall Day 2013

Fall is probably my favorite season.  I love when the temperature drops a bit, but it's still comfortable, like on the sunny mid-October day when I shot these photos.  Some of our animals, like our river otter, use it as an excuse to play.  The second photo shows him diving into his pond:
Some, like our female raccoon, prefer to find a sunny spot to curl up for a nap:
Wild animals were also out basking in the sunshine, like this pond turtle:
Small birds, like this yellow-rumped warbler flutter through tree branches as they migrate through this area:
The leaves also flutter....down to the ground, like this brilliant red sweetgum leaf:
Catching the late afternoon sun, these sassafras leaves glint with warm amber shades.  (Thanks to Judy Molnar for pointing these out to me!):
Blending in with the autumn-colored leaves that drifted to the forest floor, this male common yellow-throated warbler looks like a yellow leaf with legs!  Thanks to Susan Summers for helping me identify this gorgeous little bird:
This time of year, persimmons start to ripen....
...while turkey tail fungi fans out in beautiful shades of orange, tan, brown, and pale purple.  I stood on top of a tree stump and pointed the camera down to take this shot:
Hope you get out to enjoy the small wonders of a fall day, where ever you might be!

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