Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eye See You 4

Ready to guess whose eyes these are?...
The first belongs to a lionfish.  An invasive species in this area and up the eastern seaboard, lionfish are native to Pacific waters.  They have venomous spines in their fins--so don't touch!
The second belongs to a chicken turtle:
The third belongs to a copperhead--another venomous creature.  Also, did you notice the heat sensing pit next to the eye?
You may have recognized the last beautiful eye--it belongs to one of our educational program birds--a great horned owl.  Owls have a nictitating membrane that acts as a "third eyelid," sort of like built-in safety goggles to shield its eyes as it flies through the forest:
That's all for now...more off the beaten path in two weeks.  We're updating our website, so this blog will have a new web address soon, which you will be able to access through our main Virginia Living Museum website.

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