Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Birds of a Feather 3

We have lots of birds here at the Museum....see if you can guess who these birds are by looking at their feathers:
The first one easy, right?  Owls have 14 neck vertebrae, allowing their neck to be very flexible and an owl can turn its head about 270 degrees (not quite a full circle.)  And the feathers on top of his head?  Just feathers, not his ears (which are located on the sides of his head under the feathers.)  Here's what this great horned owl looks like when he turns around
The second photo is the back of a black-crowned night heron in our Outdoor Aviary:
The third photo shows the wing detail of a green-winged teal--we have them in our Mountain Cove Habitarium:
The fourth photo shows the beautifully speckled feather pattern of a brown thrasher, a songbird we have in our Cypress Swamp Habitarium:
The last photo showed the head crest of a hooded merganser--this one a female, also in our Cypress Swamp Habitarium:
We also have several mergansers in our Outdoor Aviary--here's a male so you can see the difference in the coloration.  In this photo, the feathers on his head are relaxed down:
Hope you enjoyed this edition of "Off the Beaten Path"--more in two weeks!  Our new Virginia Living Museum website is up and running, however our blogs are still slowly but surely migrating over to the new website.  For now, I'll continue to post here until the transition is complete.

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